About us

Delegate your Tezos tokens to You loaf / We bake! Let us do the hard baking work while you loaf with your feet up, and get the rewards without the risk of handing over your private keys.

You loaf / We bake!!

What we do

You loaf / We bake offers a secure delegation service, hosted in the Isle of Man, enabling you to earn baking rewards from your Tezzies. We will make sure that you earn your share in the Tezos’ Proof of Stake protocol.

What it costs

In order to support the developing Tezos ecosystem, we have decided to offer an introductory special to our first delegators! Sign up with You loaf / We bake today and you won’t pay any fees until Cycle 25 and after that we may apply a fee on generated rewards.

How you can sign up

Our Tezos delegation only requires your public key and gives you the opportunity to effortlessly earn interest on your Tezos tokens . We don’t require a long term lock in or sign up and we currently pay 100% of the reward for baking. With You loaf / We bake, you are always in control of your Tezos tokens.

Because your private key is not required, your security is never compromised. 

You loaf / We bake also lets you eliminate the complexity of setting up your own Tezos node or figuring out the command line instructions while we securely run it on your behalf 24/7. 

Simply delegate your Tezzies to our baker:  tz1eZwq8b5cvE2bPKokatLkVMzkxz24z3Don

Let You loaf / We bake handle all the new challenges of the proof-of-stake consensus, and make sure that all the protocol updates are actioned. Let us do the baking, while you loaf!

How to track your rewards

You've delegated your Tezos tokens to You loaf / We bake  and want to see the results?

Click on the relevant link:

Rewards: http://tzscan.io/tz1eZwq8b5cvE2bPKokatLkVMzkxz24z3Don?default=rewards

Bakings: http://tzscan.io/tz1eZwq8b5cvE2bPKokatLkVMzkxz24z3Don?default=baking

Source: https://tzscan.io The Tezos Block Explorer

How we run the delegation service

Step 1: You delegate your Tezos tokens to You loaf / We bake by and we instantly start baking on your behalf.

Step 2: We wait the 7 full cycles until the rolls produce new tezos tokens.

Step 3 and thereafter: After each subsequent cycle, new Tezos tokens will be produced for all our delegates.

Step 4: When we pay out the Tezos rewards, we will pay your 100%  share once per month, straight into your account.

Who we are

You loaf / We bake was founded by Don Travlos, who has has a Phd in theoretical chemistry and worked in the financial services industry for more than 20 years before turning his attention to the crypto space in 2014. He ran the first ethereum node in the southern hemisphere and has since relocated to the isle of Man. 

He has developed a deep technical understanding of a number of blockchain technologies, publishing his views on the market on peepeth, twitter and medium. He first wrote about Tezos on medium in May 2017 saying: “What’s new and exciting is that because they are using a functional language the protocol can be changed by the stakeholders. This is because any changes can be verified by the protocol itself. This represents a decentralisation of governance, no more Bitcoin core or Ethereum foundation.” In an update in October 2017, he said: “Cryptoland is not for the faint hearted, but I have a feeling Tezos is not done.”

Contact us

Do you have any questions about Tezos or how delegation works?

Write to us on email: bakerinchief@youloafwebake.io

follow us on peepeth: @Ulysseus

...or on twitter: @DonTravlos

Hang out on our telegram channel: @YL:WB